When Do You Want To Hire A Pro Photographer?

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Tom and FamilyTom and FamilyThe front yard is a great place for a family portrait. When is a good time to consider the services of a professional photographer? This is a question to ask yourself whenever you have an upcoming event that you think could generate moments you will want to remember for the rest of your life.


Beyond the Wedding we all think of when we think " Photographer ", this could be a Prom, Birthday Party, Marriage proposal, Homecoming, Family Reunion or any of thousands of those moments marking our lives that are worth remembering.


You might think the herd of wild cell phones that surround us are just fine to capture the photos you want to save for the rest of your life. Think about that for a minute. Pick up your cell phone and find a photo from two years ago. I would wager that is a tough task for lots of folks. If you can find a couple, well, congratulations! Now go get Moms photo album out and peruse the pics from 20 years ago. That album is history. It is full of heart and shared memories that pass across generations.

Tom and DonnaTom and DonnaMoments between the big photos can be just as special.

If I could guess your next question I would say, “How expensive would that be ?” Pretty reasonable question.  Money is tight right now and hiring a photographer for a Birthday Party seems pretty extravagant, right? So lets talk value. What is it worth to you to provide your children with the experience you had looking at Mom’s photo album? A professional photographer could be found that would shoot your party and provide you with a CD or memory stick with quality digital images for $300 - $400 bucks for a couple of hours at a party. Those digital photos can be turned into prints in an album or photo book at your leisure. Just don’t wait to long.


You no longer have to march the family in their best dress outfits to the studio, kill a couple of hours trying to manage the little ones. Then be subjected to the big hard sell at the end of it all.

The photography business has changed a lot in the past few years. There are business models for photographers where they come to you. You pay them just for the service of taking the photos. Today print costs for regular 4x6 photos are minimal. You can still get the studio Family portrait and these are really nice to have. You can also have that portrait taken in a local park, near a local landmark or right in your back yard. The photographs posted here are from a dear friends birthday. That one event provided Tom with a variety of different family memories he could use many different ways.

  Tom and DaughterTom and DaughterThis is an opportunity to take advantage of. Get as many precious moments as you can.

You say “ But I want to hang these on my wall ”. You can always upgrade if you like. The nice wall prints in pretty frames are still out there and make your house look more like a family home. They are still an investment but one you should definitely consider. Remember how much time you spend looking at the photos on the wall at Grandma’s house? There are some really cool products available now that didn’t exist before. You can get prints on aluminum that are simply something you should see. They are awesome. You can get prints on glass, acrylic, canvas or bonded to wood. These offer a ton of decorating flexibility so you home doesn’t have to look like Grandma’s, if you don’t want it to but you can still share the memories in the very best way.


There is one caveat to all of this flexibility. The quality of these products vary wildly. You are just not going to get as good a photographic print from a Walgreens equivalent or local Box store as you will from a lab that specializes in providing prints to photographers for their customers. I have taken some of my photos and had them printed at my local drug store and the had the same photos printed through my professional supplier. Believe me when I tell you there is simply no comparison. Speak to your photographer ahead of time to see what he or she or me provide in the way of printing services. You could very well be surprised at the value.


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Tom's KidsTom's KidsMoments for everyone to remember.


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